Flap Rudders

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Higher Lift

The KAMOME K-7 rudder is a high lift flap rudder, composed of a main rudder, flap and link mechanism that actuates the flap. When the main rudder turns, the flap turns at an angle at least twice the turning angle of the main ladder.
During steering, the rudder generates high lift from the stream from the propeller and produces strong turning force. During sailing it has the lowest level of resistance among high lift rudders, which delivers improved economy.


Higher lift

K-7 rudder produces turning force at least 50% higher than conventional rudders; greatly improves ship control, especially at low sailing speeds.

Higher stability

With the reaction force of the flap during sharp turning, the ship quickly recovers from a tilted position. The K-7 rudder produces a large flap effect at a low flap angle, making it ideal for safe operation in narrow waterways.

Simple structure and easy maintenance

Rudder’s moving parts are simple in structure and made of durable materials, making the K-7 rudder easy to maintain.