Side Thrusters

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Superior Reliability

Benefiting from a strong production track record, KAMOME side thrusters continue to be developed. Excelling in performance and reliability, they improve ship control and energy conservation. Side thrusters are now essential for berthing and unberthing, for sailing in narrow waterways, maintaining position and for other ship control.

TCB-type Series (Controllable Pitch Propellers)

Excellence in Ship Control

TCB-type series side thrusters incorporate controllable pitch propellers. They require no propeller reverse mechanism and therefore allow quick conversion in thrust direction and easy adjustment for thrust level.


High durability

Easy fitting

Decreased noise and vibration

Rational maintenance

Easy control system

TFA-type Series (Fixed Pitch Propellers)

Simple and Robust

TFA-type series side thrusters incorporate fixed pitch propellers. Their simple and robust structure supports a high level of durability and provides easy maintainability.


High performance and durability

Low level of vibration and noise

Easy to install and maintain

Wide variety of drive systems