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Excellence in Operability and Economy

KAMOME CPP(Controllable Pitch Propellers) were created in 1961, featuring proprietary technology. For nearly half a century we have sustained a commitment to research and technical development so that we can satisfy customer needs. Propellers are installed in ships of a broad range of sizes: from small boats to 15,000-kilowatt ships, and in merchant ships, fishing ships, ferries, research ships and maritime development platforms. With cumulative delivery of more than 5,100 units, we have the world’s leading manufacturing technologies and market sales share.

Superiority in Ship Control

KAMOME CPP(Controllable Pitch Propellers) produce all speeds necessary for full-speed sailing, low-speed sailing, and stop and backward sailing by controlling propeller pitch. Without changing engine revolutions they enable ships to stop quickly in a short distance after controlling the propeller pitch. This enhances ship control and safety in urgent situations.

Energy Saving

Output required for propulsion changes constantly in line with external factors and sailing conditions, such as operation schedules and cargo, in addition to sea conditions such as wind direction and tides. Optimal control of the propeller pitch according to the ship load easily leads to energy conservation by capitalizing on the engine’s properties.

Environmentally Friendly Propulsion Systems

With a controllable pitch propeller, the main engine can be operated at constant revolution irrespective of the ship’s sailing speed. It helps construct a drive system in which a power generator and hydraulic equipment are driven by a fuel-efficient main engine. This eliminates the need for operating an auxiliary engine and reduces fuel consumption as well as CO2 and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from the engines.


Excellent operability and construction supported by our up-to-date research and extensive experience

CPP(Controllable Pitch Propellers) are durable and thoughtfully designed for easy assembly and maintenance

Original control system places ship operation efficiency as a top-priority

Wide array of models and control systems suit different conditions for installation in numerous types of ships

Continuous review of propeller efficiency and vibration and noise control guarantee safe and comfortable sailing

Product List

KAMOME CPP(Controllable Pitch Propellers): A-type Series

A-type series propellers are mainly for small- and medium-sized ships. The split-type propeller hub consists of fore and aft sections.
Blades are assembled in between hubs and easy to overhaul and reassemble.

KAMOME CPP(Controllable Pitch Propellers): B-type Series

B-type series propellers are chiefly for medium- and large-sized ships. They feature a solid-type propeller hub.
Propeller blades are individually assembled.

Feathering Propellers

They have a maximized propeller pitch and a blade surface nearly parallel to the water flow to minimize resistance when they are not in operation. Their properties are shown in sailing ships and double-ender ferries.

Control System

As a one-stop manufacturer of propulsion and ship operation systems, we engage in integrated production of CPP(Controllable Pitch Propellers), side thrusters and rudders to offer systems that satisfy energy conservation and safe operation needs.