Control System

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Control System

As a one-stop manufacturer of propulsion and ship operation systems, we engage in integrated production of controllable pitch propellers, side thrusters and rudders to offer systems that satisfy energy conservation and safe operation needs.

Optimum Propulsion Control System - PRO-CON CX-300

CX-300 remotely controls the pitch of a controllable pitch propeller and the revolution speed of the main engine (governor). With ALC, ASC, PGM, OLP, combinator, load setting, pitch limit trimming, automatic reduction, automatic pitch neutralization and other functions, it makes it easy for users to perform optimal control of the main engine and controllable pitch propeller. This helps suppress load fluctuations on the main engine and saves energy.

Joystick Control System - MACS-KM

MACS-KM unifies the individual operations of a controllable pitch propeller, bow thruster, and high performance rudder into a single joystick and steering dial.
The Optimum Control Program embedded in the computer allows the ship to not only be moved forward and backward, but moved laterally and diagonally, and turned simply.

This dramatic improvement in ship control facilitates berthing and unberthing control and prevents accidents. Easy operations for optimal ship control reduce fluctuations of load on the main engine and save energy.